Weird bunch of back bets

Weird bunch of back bets

I haven't put up a new open test for a while so when I came across this idea yesterday I thought lets give it a whirl.

Beware though that this system can have a lot of bets and it's worse losing run I know of is 30 but who knows if there will be a worse run than that.

REMEMBER: This is a test : - )

Now usually I give you a results sheet showing the past results but this time I am going to start fresh first and then if it does OK I will reveals some past results.

Here is the bot link.

They do place a lot as well so here is a GHB Place link.

And if you want to just use one link for the two:

And here are today's selections (non GHB).
(Should be available by 8 to 9am)

Results(From the 14th)

Place Results(From the 14th)