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New PR Ratings Bonus
(Handicap Horse Racing Ratings)

Get your stand alone copy here.

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New Update includes a Chance of winning.

Screen shot from dutching bot.
Please note these are separate days where we have restarted the bot during some update trials. 

Latest update 25/04/2016

We had to stop the bot yesterday while we made some final changes for the next release so there are two screen shots
dutching pic 7a

dutching pic 7

Two out of two for Sunday.

dutching pic 6

dutching pic 5

Another screen shot added today. 4 out of 4 winning "dutch" bets. 
dutching pic 5
dutching pic 4
(We lost on the last race where the results are not shown)

Dutching pic 3
Just one loser from 10 races.

In this latest video I show you how to use the main ratings figure to find winners.

Dutching pic 2

Check out how to use the PR ratings to find "Dutch" bets

Dutching pic 1
Watch the video below to see a clever little "Dutching" system.