Daily email 02/04/2024.

...But it is enough?...


Wow, that was a nice and relaxing weekend...

...With a few jobs around the house thrown in.

I spent a lot of time in the workshop so didn't get out on my bike or Skateboard.

Still, the lighter evenings are here now so plenty more time to have a play :-)


Hi Racing friend

I am going to make this quick this morning because I have a lot of work to catch up on.

Ferdishouse has been running this test for the last month on the Discord server called "GREEN HIGHLIGHTS".

He starts with runners with at least TTS+ 3 greens and then just filters through normally using MRS and what else he feels is relevant.

The results are based on Back to Win so not sure how the "Place" would have turned out.

He wrapped up the test with.

"GREEN HIGHLIGHTS - For the month of March the approach produced 83 selections and 11 winners, giving a profit of +23.70 points, though with an estimated losing run of 31 bets, proved to be quite high, so not an approach for me that I would take forward and bet real money on, but will review it and see if there are any amendments that would reduce the loosing runs, a 13% SR is fair with looking for selections over odds of 6.

I would say the (TTS+
Greens do have merit and are worth pursuing. Keeping the records is worthwhile to determine if an approach is worthy of putting in real money. I will retire this selection method, but do feel the Greens are still worth including and developing a selection method around them. The ROI of 29% is quite respectable but, all things considered does not mitigate the high losing runs."

I would be interested to see what others feel about the losing runs of 31 bets.

23.70 points profit in one month is pretty good as is a ROI of 29%.

Is it worth going through 31 losers to get it...

...maybe...Maybe not.

More tomorrow when I have more time...

...We had some losers on the PSR(1) on the last day of my test...Typical.


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