Daily email 05/04/2024.

...To find what is working...and what is not...


It's Friday!

I don't have any real plans this weekend.

The weather is still a little unsettled (understatement), so it is difficult to plan a head.

I will get out on the Skateboard if I can though :-)


Hi Racing friend

I was doing a little work behind the scenes on PR Ratings yesterday which meant I had to do some testing.

I like to use some of the "Shared Saves" because it is always good to see if you can improve them in one way or another.

There are often ways you can strip back the ideas a bit and then see if the filters are working as they were expected.

The first thing I do is activate as many of the Yellow "Quick Analyse" buttons as I think I will need.

These just make the whole thing a lot easier because you can see clearly where P/L is.

Then I normally check Race Type because systems don't often cross from Flat to Hurdle or AW to Chase etc, very well.

Also when some people create systems they often go down the "rabbit hole" and add more and more filters...

...Without checking how they affect the ones already used.

When you find something that seems to improve the results it's worth going back a few steps to see how that new filter will work on its own.

The great thing about PR Ratings is that you can save any systems you create and then revisit them in a months time to see how they are performing.

So you can have lots of systems being tested without actually placing any real money on them.

It will also give you a chance to analyse them after 30 days and see what's working and what may need tweaking.

Or wait until you have 100 records and just analyse those by date and see where you are making a profit and where you are not.

PR Ratings is a free Bonus with the Greyhorse bot here.

Or you can get it as a Stand a Lone here.



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I create the tools so you can hit your targets.
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