Daily email 08/04/2024.

...There must be a way...


I decided to spend the weekend with Mum and do some jobs for her.

She was kind enough to take me out for lunch and my sister joined us.

I realised I hadn't been to the pub we ate at for a very long time, over 30 years ago.

Funnily it hadn't changed much...

...And they were kind enough to have one Vegan option, which was very nice :-)


Hi Racing friend

I hope you had a good weekend.

Bernard posted a TTS+ System he had found in the FB group on Friday.

This is how it looks.

Bernards System

55.1% Strike Rate.
221.62 points profit.
Just 49 selections over 6 months so a big ROI.

How did Bernard find the system?

I haven't got a clue.

That is the great thing about TTS+ is you can find your own systems with a bit of research.

Then save it, test it and find another one.

Here is a "lay" one you could check out (be careful with liability).

LTO -2 to -1 (no results or did not finish last time out)

MRS 0 - 9 (A low MRS score is always a good place to find lays)

Green rating 0-3 (Low green ratings is always a good place to find lays)

BSP history 2 to 2 (Must be second favourite)
You may get several selections in one race but only take a selection if it is 2nd favourite.

Click Here to find out more about TTS+



I create the tools so you can hit your targets.

I create the tools so you can hit your targets.
Want to get your hands on my Target profit spreadsheet and 4 methods to use with it?  
This will change the way you think about making a profit from betting/trading and show you that you don't have to make a fortune every day to be successful at this game  
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