Daily email 09/04/2024.

...And with less draw down...


I am trying to figure out a way to heat our hot water tank without gas.

Normally they have an electric heater in them as well but ours doesn't so I am either going to have to replace it or find another way to heat it.

I have this idea about putting a ceramic heater at the bottom (where there is no insulation) and connecting it to a Solar panel directly.

Will probably have to be a big solar panel to get the amps and then it gets tricky with voltage.

Probably,  just have to get it replaced with an electric one :-)


Hi Racing friend

I hope you had a good weekend.

After posting a couple of TTS+ systems yesterday I got quite a few emails from people either trying to emulate Bernard's idea, coming up with their own or improving the "Lay" system I gave you in the email.

If you remember I gave you this.

LTO -2 to -1 (no results or did not finish last time out)

MRS 0 - 9 (A low MRS score is always a good place to find lays)

Green rating 0-3 (Low green ratings is always a good place to find lays)

No Irish races (Which I forgot to mention yesterday)

BSP history 2 to 2 (Must be second favourite)
You may get several selections in one race but only take a selection if it is 2nd favourite.

2nd favourite results

John sent me his version that looked like this.

Johns 2nd favourite lay version

As you can see, he increased the profit, strike rate, ROI and the HBD(Highest bank drawdown).

His average losing price went up a little but not that much.

So the difference.

Hopefully, I will get a video about that sorted today so that I can explain it in more detail.

A couple of hints:

I forgot to say mine was only UK racing and so naturally John had this deselected.

He also used "Tipster count", "BTOIP", "Avg1" and "Avg3" ranks.

The distance was set to a minimum of 7f and 5 declared runners or more were also used.

At least there is something to go on.

That's the great thing about TTS+ you can come up with your own systems.

JAB sent me one as well.

JAB's Lay method
Maybe you can decipher that one :-)

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