Daily email 21/03/2024.

...Well I do...


One of my Electric Drill battery charges stopped working yesterday.

I opened it up and did some basic fault-checking but found nothing obvious.

I even took it to Maker Space last night and tried some other tests. I think, it is a weird component on the board that is an issue.

I would prefer to try and fix it rather than pay £60 just for a new one :-(


Hi Racing friend

How many selections do you like to have per day on average?

1, 3, 5 or even more?

My days are really busy at the moment so I would prefer less than more...

...But for you, it may be different because you want to maximise profit every day.

I wrote about this system in TTS+ a little while ago and it's been ok making about 10.83 (2% commission) points on average a month with this month up 5.52 points.

1. 5+ runners
2. 1 to 9 LTO
3. MRS 15 to 35
4. Dobbed LTO (1 in the box)
5. Green ratings 2 to 6
6. Place(no) 3 to 6.

I asked my Cashoutrading readers if anyone wanted to try and improve it.

At the moment, its longest losing run is 21 and it gets about 2 to 3 selections a day.

One of my readers called "John" wrote in with his re-development of my idea and came up with something slightly different that had only shown a losing run of 3.

The profit was a bit lower at 5.87 points average per month...

...as well as about 1 selection a day.

5 points average per month compounding 10% could see you staking from £1 to £86 in 12 months.

Of course, if you find a few systems like this then combined that could make a difference.

Can you come up with something better?

Anyway, I will be keeping an eye on that for a while.

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I got it wrong yesterday and forgot to update the stop/profit setting on the 1-point PSR(1) test bot.

It stopped after two wins at around 0.87 of 1 point.

So it wasn't that bad but I will have to check the results today to see where I would have ended up if the bot had kept going.

It also means the "Stop at any profit" bot stopped again on the first race that met the criteria and that was the 10:54, which was the day's second race.

That's now 16 first-race wins out of 21 days.

The price was quite low at 1.33 but it's profit and it also increases the stakes a little for today.

(Click here for my latest article and results about this method)

See what happens today.

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