Daily email 22/03/2024.

...A stop...


It's Friday!

I couldn't seem to fix that Drill Battery charger so I am going to have to use something else.

Luckily in the world of electronics nowadays there is always an alternative.

There is a nice little module called a XH-M604 Battery Charger Control Module.

Probably exactly what I need :-)


Hi Racing friend

I know it is not a lot of money in the scheme of things...

...but the coffers and stakes are starting to build up with that PSR(1) "Stop at..." system I have been running.

The "Stop at Any Profit" had a win on the first race again yesterday making 17 first-race wins out of 22 days.

The average winning price is still 1.68 even though the last couple of days have been below 1.50.

The stakes today are £1.50 from the start of 50p just 22 days ago.

The ROI is running at about 25% and using an average stake, I probably made around 12 points since starting...

...But about £10.50 in actual money.

The "Stop at 1 point Bot" had a bit of a mishap yesterday and placed a bet on the first race (and won) then stopped betting.

As I am testing features on this bot as well, I think it was a code issue with something we were trying to add to the bot...

...Because the other bot was fine.

Anyway, I reset it and started the bot again an hour or so later and won on the first selection again this time at 2.02. So even with a break, it finds a winner.

The 1-point bot is performing well. I only started this test on the 7th of this month and already the stakes are up to £1.72 (from 50p) today.

The ROI is running at about 32% and I have made about £18 since I started.

Compounding around 8% is working well but I do wonder if I had been more aggressive where it would be now.

Anyway, we know it's going to take a hit sooner or later so it is probably better to be cautious.

(Click here for my latest article and results about this method)

Let's see what happens today.

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