Daily email 23/03/2024.

...We are about to find out...


My wife is grooming a couple of the dogs today so I am free to go out and do my own thing.

They have just finished off a long tarmac walk around one of our town lakes so I am thinking of checking that out with the skateboard today.

It starts with a hill down towards the lake so I may have to take that carefully :-)


Hi Racing friend

As it is Saturday I will keep this short.

The weekend is going to be another good test for the PSR(1) "Stop at 1 point" bot test...

...Because if all goes well then the stakes could reach £2.00.

They start at £1.80 today after another easy winning day yesterday.

We have had a couple of difficult days before so we should be expecting another one to show up soon.

It would be nice if it waited until we got a little more profit behind us :-)

I must admit that I do like the speed which the stop at 1 point stake is growing...

...But the "Stop at any profit" isn't a slouch either with the stake rising to £1.60 today.

I feel a lot more confident with this bot especially since it has now had 18 first-race wins out of 23 days.

Yesterday's price was 1.73 which helps to keep us at that 1.65 average.

Anyway, I will let you know on Monday how they got on.

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I have been working on the Greyhorse bot members area over the last couple hopefully improving the look and feel.

I have been keeping an eye on the PR Ratings shared system "JAB place(26/11/2023)" which is a place system up at 9 points this month.

It has an average of around 7 points but it can have the odd losing month.

PR Ratings is a free bonus with the Greyhorse bot...

...Or you can get it as a stand-alone here.


Have a great weekend.


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