Daily email 25/03/2024.

...Even better...


Saturday turned out quite crappy in the end weather wise so I spent all day in the workshop.

Yesterday was a lot nicer and I managed to find quite a nice hill and had a blast on the Skateboard :-)

Hi Racing friend

I said Saturday that I was hoping that by the end of the weekend the PSR(1) "Stop at 1 point" bot stakes would be up to £2.00.

Today they actually start at £2.22 after two good profitable days.

Saturday we started with a loser so I thought it could be a difficult day...

...but the next selection won at a price of 1.86 and the recovery staking had kicked in making it nice and profitable.

The next selection won at 1.81 giving us nearly 1.5 points profit on the day.

Without staking that was enough to put the "Stop at any profit" bot into profit as well.

Sunday was good also although only because the 11:02 and 11:04 both had selections and there wasn't enough time between them to settle.

The first selection won at a price of 1.25 and the second selection at a price of 2.04 which stopped both bots.

The stakes on the "Stop at any profit" bot are £1.85 today.

It seems, I am not the only one doing well on this trial...

...One reader said.

" have a bot set on 1.4 profit....

....is now up to £10 a point"

They have also tried different higher settings one being 5 points and they came to this conclusion...

"The 5 point bot has been a bit tricky. A couple of losing days. The last 3 days I've amended it to 2.8 points profit and it's hit that the last 3 days. All over 3 points to be exact. The sweet spot I think is about 3 points as looking back over the last week when it was set at 5 points it always hit about 3 points before either going up or down"

Another interesting point for those people who can not follow the greyhounds during the day and would prefer to do them in the evening.

" I also put this one on in the evening (the 1.4 point bot) when I get home at about 7 pm. Seems to work."

It's interesting to see this from someone else's perspective.

If you want life to be simple just "Stop at any profit" if you want a bit of excitement now and then...

...Well it's going to be 1 point +.

Let me know how it goes.

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