Daily email 26/03/2024.

...Who knows...


I have one of those Hover Board/Balance board wheels that have a brushless hub motor in them.
(If you have one you don't want let me know!)

I bet there are a lot of uses for those, maybe even make an electric go-cart.

Or even turning a bike into electric bike with a bit of hacking :-)


Hi Racing friend

Have a look at this.

1.00 = 365 per year
2.00 = 730 per year
4.00 = 1460 per year
8.00 = 2920 per year
16.00 = 5840 per year
32.00 = 11680 per year
64.00 = 23360 per year
1280 = 46720 per year.

If we started with a stake of 1 point today and each month we doubled it, it wouldn't take long to start making some nice returns over a year.

Yeah I know, you probably can not trade every day and it's not going to be smooth trying to double your stake every month.

But what would it take?

Actually, it wouldn't take as much as you may think.

Using the "Back to In-play" free selections today with a score of 5 or over...


...I made more than enough on the 4 TPL market.

Again using the PSR(1) and winning on the first selection won me far more than I needed.

So how much do you need?

Well if you use just 8% of your winnings then all you need to make is around 35% of your stake per day.

The first BTOIP selection won on the 4 place market at 1.65 and the PSR(1) selection won at 1.95.

So either of them was well above what you would have needed.

If we take the PSR(1) "Stop at any profit" and just take the first race of the day then it has won 20 first-race wins out of 26 days and using compounding still just about doubling the stake.

So don't make life difficult for yourself look for opportunities where the winnings may not be big but are far more consistent than looking for those big winners.

If you have been following David on the FB group then you would have seen he is finding a lot of place wins and normal wins.

What does he use?

Yep TTS+

Click Here to find out more about TTS+



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