Daily email 27/03/2024.

...But I can see why it may look that way...


I went to Maker Space last night hoping to finish the Plotter that I started a few weeks ago now.

I would love to say it is finished and working but again I got asked to help out with someone else's project.

I don't mind it is good fun helping other people with this ideas :-)


Hi Racing friend

I had a couple of emails yesterday making the point that if you are only making 35% of your stake and you wanted to make £50 a day then your stakes would have to be around £145.

Yes, this is true if you were only going to make 35% of your stake...

...but unless you are using that price exactly for a reason then you are going to be trading on a variety of different prices.

Take the Back to In-play selections that I give you free over at.


So on Monday, the first selection won at 0.62 but today I took BSP on the first selection and only got 0.31...

...That averages over two days at 0.46 or 46% of your stake.

The other thing I haven't discussed is that you will want to build up several ideas that you can use daily.

So you could use Greyhounds in the morning, switch to horse racing in the afternoon and then switch to football.

Or you could use some of your bank for one sport and some for another.

As you know I am trialling two Greyhound Card Software methods one is "Stop at Profit" and one is "Stop at 1 point"

I am also picking 1 single Football game each day and backing one of the  Over xxx Goal markets.

Yesterday I won on Australia after picking the over 2.5 goal market.

Combined, I won over 2 points profit yesterday.

You could treat each system as an individual growth plan based on its own results or combine them all and at the end of the day calculate the 8% from the profit to add to the next day's stake.

 But you will probably want to be happy with the results from a method before you include it.

The other thing to do is look for systems you can automate using the Greyhorse bot so it's less work and you can concentrate on manually testing out new ideas.

The Greyhorse Bot comes with PR Ratings, SPT, Jockey Stats, Trainer Stats and a Version of my Greyhound Database software...

...So it is a great place to start developing your own ideas.

Click here to find out more about the Greyhorse Bot.



I create the tools so you can hit your targets.

I create the tools so you can hit your targets.
Want to get your hands on my Target profit spreadsheet and 4 methods to use with it?  
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