Daily email 28/03/2024.

...in a couple of different ways...


I think I have a fascination for Batteries and motors.

Oh and add to that speed controllers and drivers.

I am not sure if it is healthy or not...

...But it's good fun finding things to motorise :-)


Hi Racing friend

Over the last couple of weeks, I have talked a lot about "Stop at profit" or "Stop on the first selection" and how I am using it in a few different scenarios.

I have shown with the PSR(1) test that this can work and I have more of those coming soon.

In fact, I will probably wrap up my testing of this idea over Easter as I can not have one of our two Betfair accounts tied up on just one idea for too long.

I may keep the 1-point bot going a bit longer but stakes on that are up to £3.00 now from 50p earlier in the month and over £2.00 on the original test.

Anyway, to allow you to do your own testing I have started to roll out both these "Stop Profit" scenarios to the results sheet.

Yesterday I added the idea to my Greyhound Database Software.


I also added it to the TTS+ results sheet.


I probably won't get time to add it to PR Ratings before the Easter break but I will try.

Although I don't talk about lay's very much (The liability thing) I was playing around with TTS+ yesterday and came across this.

TTS+ lay idea

This is how the graph looks.

TTS+ lay method graph

Maybe you could stop daily with this although, with only 2 losers in a row, it does make you think about other possibilities.

At the moment, you can "not" follow this with the Greyhorse Bot because it can not select second favourites...

...But if this next update gets finished soon then it should be able to do this.

Still there probably won't be many selections to follow manually and so you can just pop into the markets to check.

Anyway, I hope you like the new results updates and find them useful.

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I create the tools so you can hit your targets.
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