Daily email 29/03/2024.

...Free as well...


Now that I can run my 3D printer from the Solar system in my shed I am printing more stuff.

I found out though that I need to get the moisture content out of PLA (The plastic stuff) I am using.

Just a box and one of those moisture salt boxes does the trick :-)


Hi Racing friend

As it is a Bank Holiday I will make this quick.

I managed to add that "Stop at first selection" feature to PR Ratings yesterday on the advanced result sheet.

It will be interesting to see what you find with that idea.

I tried it on the All Weather(30/08/2023) shared system and it did seem to make a difference, a bit more consistent.

Anyway, if you find anything good then please let me know.

The first score of 5 or above on the BTOIP free selections came in first yesterday at 3.45 and the place price was 1.55.


I was busy so I left my betting there for the day.

PSR(1) had another first-race winner at 1.99.

I forgot to increase the "Stop at profit" value on the 1-point bot and it stopped after the first win as well.

You can not complain when you win close to the 1 point...

...It's better than not winning at all!

( One more thing here and I said I wasn't going to this again but I want to upgrade one of the servers and it will cost a bit...

...But we can call it an Easter Special.

There are just 4 Greyhound "Never Pay Again" up for grabs. There were 5 but one was promised and already taken.

Click Here to see what you get.

So all around a nice easy day...

...and to wrap it up I won on the Over 1.5 goals market I had picked as well at a price of 1.46 :-)

Just about 2 points profit (3 if you include both PSR bots) across the 3 sports.

See those "Nano" wins add up :-)

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I create the tools so you can hit your targets.
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