Daily email 30/03/2024.

...Well one selection...


I am just going to spend today in the workshop playing around with some projects.

I have some 3D prints to do and some battery management boards to solder up :-)


Hi Racing friend

As it is Saturday I will make this just a quick roundup.

I had a day off yesterday so didn't do any trading/betting but the bots I had running on PSR(1) both stopped in profit.

There was a late settlement that worked for us again and meant that both bots finished well over 1 point in profit.

I also noticed that the first BTOIP selection with a score of 5 or higher won the race at a BSP of 4.62.


You can use TTS+ to select these there is an actual "Btoip" filter so just set this from 5 to 7 (highest) and you will get the same selections.

Anyway an easy day again from that point of view of Stop at a Winner.

Just to finish off today...

I said I wasn't going to this again but I want to upgrade one of the servers and it will cost a bit of cash...

...or we can call it an Easter Special.

There are just 4 Greyhound "Never Pay Again" up for grabs (maybe fewer I haven't checked).

Click Here to see what you get.



I create the tools so you can hit your targets.

I create the tools so you can hit your targets.
Want to get your hands on my Target profit spreadsheet and 4 methods to use with it?  
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