BF Timer Tool

New V2
This one little tool could add 100’s of points to your bank every year.

With this Fully Automated Betfair Price recorder.

When do you normally place your bets into the market?

The morning?


5 minutes before the off?

1 Minute before the off?

Just randomly?

Why do you do it when you do?

Just seems the best time?

Well you probably know horse racing prices change all the time.

And when you place your bets into the market can make a difference to the profit you make when you win.

But finding out the best time to place your bet can take a lot of testing.

Well it did before BF Timer came along.

BF Timer allows you to log prices from the Betfair market whenever you want to during the day.

This will give you valuable data to see if you could get better prices at another time.

The BF timer allows you to set “During the Day” times or “Before the race” times.

BF Timer Software
Choose from 1 minute all the way up to 360 minutes.

And it is a fully automated "Set and Forget" tool.

BF Timer Tool

This gives you the flexibility to check prices when you want to.

Within just a few days you will start to learn when is the best time to place your selections.

But there is more you can to do with the BF Timer.

Because it logs the prices for all runners you can see:

• If there were opportunities to trade out with profit.

• To see if the prices of other runners affected your outcome.

• If you should consider dutching or selecting more than one runner.

• Find trends in the time of the day.

The BF Timer allows you to gather important information about the racing and even build up your own library of race price information.

It’s am amazing tool.