About me

Hi reader.

It's me Malcolm
My name is Malcolm and I have been involved with creating software (and the odd system & method) for the trading/betting community since the year 2000.

I love testing out ideas and then creating a software solution to make it easier not only for you to find selections but also to automate the process of finding them and trading/betting on them whenever possible.

Here is an example of how that works.

Over the last 10 years I have been collecting horse racing information and now have a database of over 1 million results.

Unless you are an expert in SQL or database calls then this information is useless.

So I have created a program called PR Ratings that through a user interface allows you to search the database for clues on how to find winners and get an edge on the markets.

Once you come up with a system/method that you want to try, PR Ratings gives you what I refer to as a “Bot Link” that you can use with the Greyhorse Bot to automatically monitor the link for selections and then bet/trade them if they meet your criteria.

As I am actively involved in betting/trading myself often the products I create are for myself first and then if my readers are interested, I make them available for them to use.
I also like to run my own automated and manual testing and often keep my daily email readers informed of how these tests are going and what conclusion we can draw from the results.

Once you get to know me you will soon find out I have various interest that range from programming and electronics to dogs and even the odd crochet item.

I do like to think I put my customers first though and although I may not be perfect and mess up on the odd occasion, I am sure if you ask anyone in the FB group or the Discord server what my customer support and speed at which I answer questions and solve issues is second to none.

In fact I like to think in an industry where there can be some “Dodgy” characters I am one of the few that has been here for over 20 years consistently helping people make sense of sports betting.

Oh yeah a couple of other things you should know.

I don’t use bookies I think they are a rip off and they will soon grub you if you start winning so I am purely an “Exchange” guy, Betfair being my main platform…

…And you won’t find me talking about Football much. Horse Racing, Dog Racing, Tennis, F1 and even Cricket, just not a great fan of football (Although I have tried).

And don't forget to check out the YouTube channel.

If you need any other information you know where I am.

Until Next Time.