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At GHBot we like creating systems for our members to test.

With over 12 year’s experience of creating systems for ourselves, customers and private clients we think we know one or two things about how to do it.

But we are not one of those sites offering tips or systems without any real information for the user.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers everything they need to make informed decisions.

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That’s why all our systems come with one of the most detailed results sheets your find anywhere.

Here is one you can have a look at.

Every system we create for our members (and there are normally 15 to 20 at any one time) includes a similar results sheet.

Giving you and in-depth detailed report about the system it's results and month by month trends.

Each set of results contains:

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- Day By Day results

- Month By Month results.

- Statistical round-up including…Longest Losing Run, Highest Bank Draw Down and - Return on Investment as well as other important figures so that you can make informed decisions about the system.

- We also make every system easy to follow with our unique “Bot link”.

This bot link works with all our Automated Betting Bots including GHBot, GHBotLite.
This link allows the bot to find the correct selections for the system it is tied to.

And if you like to get them in a list format we also supply a browser link that allows you to view the daily selections in Chrome, IE, Firefox or other similar products.

Each system is created using our own “In House” horse racing database which contains over 460,000 records and growing.

All our systems are created so that there is no “Manual” intervention.

When we work out the system parameters then the daily selections and the results will use exactly the same information.

So know need to worry about getting different selections to what the results will show later!

We try to add at least one system to the “Free System” pool a month.
Sometimes when we are showing members how to use a new bonus like the PR Ratings we don’t always make it.

But then other times we could add 2 or 3.

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Stand-Alone (Racing Selections)

 Racing Selections site.

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