Race Card Radar Bonus or Stand alone

Race Card Radar

Daily Linking Software

Do you have a certain criteria that use to select horses?

Is it based on the normal racecard features like:

Type of race
Class of Race
Value of race
Number of declared runners

Or do you include form information like:

Last runs
Days Since last won
Class up or down
Cloth Number
Head Gear type.

Do you have...

Certain trainers or Jockeys that you follow
Or courses
Or declared Going.
Only like certain days of the week.
Beaten Favourites
Course or distance winners

Well our “auto link” creating software will be right up your street!

This software allows you to select from over 30 different race features to make a link that can be used to automatically download your daily selections straight into the Grey Horse Bot or into your browser.

No need to trawl through race cards again let the linking software do the work for you.

Free with your GHBot membership