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 I went to Maker Space last night.

Starting to learn to use the metal lathe and mill again.

I am thinking of making a lightsabre for a project.

Just waiting for a big chunk of alloy to turn up so I can start :-)


Hi Racing friend

I hope you had a profitable day yesterday.

The new Greyhound Card Software PSR(1) (Place favourites) test I started last week was back to winning on the first selection yesterday.

The price was 1.40 on the 2-place Greyhound market so a little under the average but not that far away.

The stakes go up a little more today because I am taking around 10% of my winnings and adding them to the next stake.

Just a couple of statistics so far.

The average place price is 1.57 and at level stakes, I would now be just over 4 points up.

The lowest price I have had is 1.21 and the highest was 2.06. Which gave me a nice recovery after the first loser yesterday.

I am thinking of starting another bot just doing the whole day or trying to stop at 1 point profit.

May do that today.

Click Here to find out more about the Greyhound card software.


So the "cats out of the bag" (where do I find these sayings) about the latest TTS+ updates.

One of the new features allows you to select runners by the number of "Green Ratings" they have.

Normally you can only see the Green ratings on TTS but now I have added the number each runner has to the Database. So although TTS+ doesn't light up green it can now select runners by their green rating.

The other update allows you to select runners by the number of "Places" (1st,2nd or 3rd) they have had in their recent "Form" history.

It's based entirely on what you see in the runner's last 6 form figures (maybe less than 6).

Personally, I like to see at least 3 places in their recent history so this is one of my filters...

...Along with:
MRS 10+
Green Ratings 2+
1st to 9th LTO (last time out)
Dobbed last time out.

I may adjust those depending on the number of selections it throws up.

Remember TTS+ comes with full history results as well :-)

Click here to check out TTS+

It blew up

I went to help some friends out last night who have a unit in a local building.

They had one of those electric fan heaters (quite an oldish one) which suddenly blew up!

I mean it really did...All that was left was a mangled bit of plastic.

It covered the unit with black ash and filled it with smoke which took nearly two hours to clear.

Only one of them was there when it happened but he had just gone out to wash his mug for another cup coffee.

Luckily it didn't cause a fire.

The PR Ratings Facebook group has recently passed 600 members.

It's a great place to hang out even if you aren't a PR Ratings user.

Rob's lays have been doing really well...

...He has had 29 winners in a row.

Terry has been busy updating systems and others have posted new ones.

So if you are a PR Ratings user you should be hanging out there...

...If not you should still come and join in.

New tipster service trial round-up...
My wife has got a pretty bad cold at the moment so I am crossing my fingers I don't get it.

No kisses from me until she is better :- )

So we have been checking out this new tipster service since the 19/11/2017.

Since that time it has made 25.39 points profit and...

...Is up 8.81 points so far this month.

It's had 60 selections and won on 11 of them giving a strike rate of 18%.

This is below the 6 month average of 26% but could be this time of year.

It's average winning price for the test has been 6.76 which is slightly higher than 6.26 yearly average.

It's probably not for everyone because it's longest losing run so far is 21, but for a backing system that tends to look for higher priced selections...

…It's to be expected.

I am going to give the service a pass for a few reasons.

1) it's still showing a profit after almost 2 months testing.

2) The average price has held up even if the strike rate hasn't

3) It's been an open test where quite a few people have been able to get the selections

4) The tipster is even giving away the system selection criteria.

Also where normally a service put out like this would normally cost £30 plus a month...

You can actually join this service for as little as £9.91 per month (1 year sub).

The name of the service is a strange one...


You can see all the details here.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention...

It's one of the “Shared” Systems that come with PR Ratings!

Probably the best tipster service around..

Over the weekend we were having a conversation in the PR Ratings Facebook group about showing more daily tips.

The idea was not everyone has the time to create their own systems and so haven't purchased PR Ratings because of this.

But that's why I created the “Shared folder” in PR Ratings...

...These are systems that me and other users have decided to give to other users.

If you find one you like you just save the settings and follow it using the “bot” link, “Tips” link or just by loading PR Ratings daily.

Of course you may be saying.

 “Yeah but I just want the selections, I don' need anything else that comes with PR Ratings...”

My argument is...”Just ignore everything else

In fact I am going to put in a “switch” shortly that turns off everything but the shared folder and the results sheet.

So what do you end up with?

Probably one of the best tips only platforms around.
Think about it.

You not only have loads of systems you can pick and choose from...

...You have full results history and you can follow any of them with the links provided.

But getting your tips through PR Ratings gives you one other advantage...

...If you really want to, you can further analyse any system and tweak it.

I know from experience that even people who just want to follow tips end up asking questions about the tips.

They seem to lose more when there are over 12 runners in a race

“Have you noticed that when the price goes out they lose more often?”

“Why would you pick a runner that was pulled LTO?”

Well with PR Ratings if one of those questions come into your head...

...You simply use PR filters to research what would happen.

If you think about it...

PR Ratings is the “Ideal” tipping service.

* New systems being shared by owners all the time.
Easy to get the daily selections.

* You can automate the daily selections with a bot.

* You can analyse the system further if you want to.

* Full results sheet and statistical round-up.

* Trending price patters.

* Back, Lay, place and place/lay systems.

And to wrap it up PR Ratings is probably the best value tipster service you will ever get.

You could easily pay more for just one tip.

Check out PR Ratings here:

Me with my dogUntil next time…


He who creates systems and tools to make life easier for you!"

P.S. Check out my "Lay betting Guide".

P.P.S. Don't forget check out the Facebook group.
If you think I can get a bit technical you should see
the chat going on about chi-squ

Click here to join,

3rd ranked Report

Apart from programming one of the things I like to do is put together information that can help people like yourself.

The last few days we have been talking about 3rd rank runners and how profitable they can be to “Lay”.

So yesterday I started putting together a new report just about 3rd ranked favourites.

It's going to include systems and information to help you pick the best selections.

It will include the systems that the reader wrote in about the other day as well as others that I have researched.

Like this one.

I think the 3rd ranked is a good runner to use because they don't win that often...

...Around 15% of the time at a price of 10 or under.
This makes them the ideal runner concentrate on.

It's going to take a few weeks to put together but my plan is to have it ready for next months seminar.

As you know I love to give away bonuses to those that attend and this will be the first one.

I have a couple more I am planning and I will let you know what they are soon.

If you want to get in early you can here:

As always there will be a maximum of just 12 places.

[GHBot] 3rd ranked 15% S/R

I had a lot of emails about yesterdays news letter and the systems that a reader had been following since the last seminar.

Of course the systems that people were most interested in were the ones making profit, especially the one with the biggest profit.

The interesting thing is I have talked about the 3rd favourite being a good selection to consider for a “lay” in several documents and videos.

I talked about them in my lay betting guide (where I gave several ideas to follow)

I talked about them in my free videos at (PR Ratings)

I have talked about them in several videos I have produced for PR Ratings members...

...And I have talked about them in my seminars.
It's even going to be a subject in my up coming seminar in February.

3rd ranked runners are good because those with a BSP of 10 or under only win around 15% of the time, so it is a good place to start when looking for “lay”.

I am pretty certain February's seminar will be on the 26th in Swindon (just confirming room).

If you want to get in early you can here:

As always there will be a maximum of just 12 places.

Don't take my word for it...

Yesterday I started this new routine of getting up from my desk every hour and then doing at least 500 to 600 steps before sitting down again.

It actually worked pretty well and I least I wasn't pinned to my desk for hours without moving (which sometimes happens).

As I walk the dogs everyday I do get exercise but the extra steps help :- )

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to do a seminar in February (“ My Birthday Bash”).

The idea is to give people as much information as I can using the knowledge I have gained over the last 12 or so years of developing systems and software.

We discuss a number of systems that I bring along and even improvements.

Over Christmas I had an email from one of the people who attended my last seminar.

I wanted to share some of it with you…

“Since I attended the seminar in Swindon at the beginning of November, I have kept a strict, daily check of several of Malcolm's laying systems/advice in particular and also one of his "backing favourites" scenarios.”

“From 6 November to 27 December inclusive, what I call System 1: "laying a favourite at the 6am price that (method removed) ", the results to £5 level stakes laying would show a loss of £79 (approx -16pts).

That’s not the best result but it’s not the worst I have ever seen but he goes on to say…

“From 6 November to 27 December inclusive, what I call System 5: "laying favourites at 6am price (method removed) ", a £5 bet to every selection would have resulted in a small profit overall of £28.50 (approx 5.5pts)...”

Well that’s not bad we got a few points back.
“Malcolm has suggested looking to back the favourite (method removed).

 have followed this suggestion keenly from 20 November and the results if backing every such favourite to level stakes, say £5 per stake up to and including 27 December shows a profit of £251.50 (approx 50.5pts)...

That’s a lot better then :- )

Then he goes onto say….

“From 6 November to 27 December, I have also recorded the results of all 3rd favourites at 6am (method removed).  The results of that have shown a consistently good profit that adds up to £437.50 if staking £5 (or 87.5pts). “

Wow…this sounds better coming from someone else…
Finally he adds…

From 20 November to 27 December inclusive, at Malcolm's suggestion, I have followed the results of all 3rd favourites (method removed).   .  Looking to lay them as Malcolm suggested.  The results of this so far are pretty spectacular, showing a profit of £439 if laid to £5 stakes (88pts profit), even better when considering there were three days of non-racing in those 5 weeks.

This is another system I gave to people who attended as well…

(Which you can also get from the PR Ratings shared list)

If you want to get ahead and meet like minded people then let me know if you want to come to my next seminar in Swindon.

As always there will be a maximum of just 12 places.

6am to 11am twister…

Last night was a late night I didn’t get back from training until gone 11pm.

One of the club members turned up who hurt herself a few weeks ago in a fall and still can’t run very well…

…So I ended up running her two dogs as well as my own.

That really tested my new found fitness :- )

One of the great things about holding seminars is that you get to hear how other users have taken your ideas…

…And then improved upon them.

One of the systems I give away with PR Ratings is the “Favourite Lays”.

At the last seminar one of the attendees was telling me how he has adjusted my scoring system and has a better success rate.

That’s what PR Ratings is really good at…

…Helping you find new angles even when it is based on someone else’s idea.

With over 50 columns of possible information (Actually now 60 BSP/Inplay added yesterday) you can quickly make decisions on which runner to pick.

A simple idea I am playing around with is taking runners that are 6am favourites but by the time we get the 11am prices they are not.

This brings up 1 or more selections most days.

I am testing different scoring ideas because some of them I want to back...

...And others I want to lay.

I call it the “6am to 11am twister” :- )

You should have a look yourself and see what you can find.

Haven't got PR Ratings yet?

Check it out here.


This time of the year is a bit of a pain if you have animals because of the fireworks going off all the time…

…And I mean all of the time.

What kind of numpty lets fireworks of during the day?

So I was pleasantly surprised I got away with an evening walk without one going off. :- )

One of the requests I keep getting from PR users is…

 “More Dobbing features

This is for people who like to back before the off and then try to trade out with a lay bet half the price of the original back one.

“Dob” or double or bust is another term used.

The idea is to not necessarily to look for winners but rather runners that could run well causing their price to drop in-play.

Some people use prior comments about a horses run to decide if it is a good candidate…

…With PR Ratings you have the “In-Play” minimum to help you make the decision.

Yesterday I also added the % average between BSP and in-play prices to the horse history screen…

…And I am testing out a new filter that allows you to select runners based on this new figure.

This should be in the next release later this week.

There will be a new “form” column which will show this figure on the main screen including the number of results it’s based on.

I have got some other ideas for dobbing so watch out for news on those as well.

Click here to find out more about 

24 points from favourites losing…

Off to my Sisters birthday party tonight. I just remembered though I haven’t even got her a present yet.

Not even sure what to get her to be honest with you. Will have to ring her other half and ask him :- )

Yesterday I released the latest version of the PR Ratings.

It wasn’t a big update this week I just added a new filter with courses.

The feature shows today's courses with a “(T)” and puts them at the top of the list.

The first thing I do every day is see how 6 am favourites are doing at each course.

You can often find trends where they are better to lay than back.

Like at “Catterick” if you had of "layed" the last 232 handicap favourites you would have been around 24 points up…

…But the last 169 Ascot 6am favourites would have left you 18 points down (slightly up if you would have backed them).

Following favourites that are trending up at certain courses is quite interesting to do...

...As long as you keep an eye on the strike rate and results.

Predicting future wins…

I am helping training a new Agility beginners group at the moment.

It’s always interesting to watch the journey people take with their dogs from their first lesson to their first competition (if they stick with the training) a few months later.

And I love being a part of that journey. :- )

Lifers” got a small update to PR Ratings yesterday.

I added courses to the filter menu because I felt it was needed for better research.

Also…I added a new trending results screen (lifers only for the moment) where you can see in graph format how the price and strike rate of your system, has been performing over the last year.

You of use this information to tell whether a system is going to be profitable in the future…

…Just by seeing the trend in price or strike rate…Or both.

You can also use this type of tool to pick up on specific trends as well.

Some examples…

The price and strike rate of different ranked runners at a course.
Favourites (especially at different courses)
Trends on the Draw

That’s just a small example of how you can use trending.

You can see another here:

It won’t actually help you predict future winners but it can show if the idea you are following is trending in the right direction…

…Or losing the value that originally made it profitable.

Another topic and very handy tool for my upcoming seminar.

Reader’s ideas…

You probably remember I have been having issues with my home built 3D printer.

Well I found out in the end it was some of the electronics overheating.

After sorting out that issue I managed to do a four and half hour print yesterday with no issues :- )

One of the things I love about writing this email is that when I share an idea or tell you I am experimenting with something…

…I get readers like you writing to me letting me know of your own experience with the same idea.
As an example:

Over the weekend I mentioned I had been testing a trading method with GHBot and PR Ratings.

PR Ratings selects the favourites for me and then I use GHBot to place a back bet and then immediately try to trade out for half that the odds.

Well after that I got some emails from readers about the methods they were using to do the same thing.

Price ranges they were using.

Number or runners in a race to use.

Types of races that work best.

Even a suggestion on the maximum number of races to use a day.

So here is what I decided to do was:

Explain the whole idea in my upcoming Seminar

…And also put a full report about what I have been testing and the settings in the November’s issue of the “System Builder Monthly”.

I will include ideas from readers.

The beauty is the whole system is automated.

As soon as I have worked out the best selections to choose using PR Ratings I will add the link to the member’s area.

In the meantime if you have any ideas of your own let me know.

50% trade in to win… 

So yesterday I won two of the 3 rounds I entered and got a 5th place with my older boy George.

The main Agility round was extra tough so it was sweet to win that one.

The one thing I love out the GHBot is that it can be quite versatile especially from and experimenters point of view.

The other day I set up a little trading test that after a couple of tweaks seem’s to be working.

I took the basic idea from “Double or bust” (DOB) where you back before the off and then try to lay for half the price in-place in running.

I just set up a link in PR Ratings to select favourites and then set GHBot to make sure they were in the price range that I wanted.

I then activated the trading tab to lay at 50% of the back price.

Where you lose out with this idea is if you don’t get the trade out...

...And the favourite doesn’t win.

But so far the experiment is doing ok.

The next stage is probably to get a bit more picky about the favourites that you choose to trade on…

…But I will wait until I get a few more results before I do that.

I will put some more info about this idea in the GHBot member’s area next week.

Won at class?

I actually had a hat on when I went out for a walk last night.

I don’t think I would survive an ice age : - (

“Yeah” I finally released the October version of the “System Builder Monthly” yesterday.

If you’re a GHBot member then you can pick it up free in the member’s area…

…If not then you can find out more here.

There is a big section on class movers and winners using the new stats tool (that I am reserving for the people coming to this months seminar).

Find out if “Won at class” matters in this months issue.

I have already started work on November's :- )

Yesterday I also uploaded the latest updates to the Scoring Power Tool (A GHBot “lifer” bonus).

A lot of the updates were behind the scenes to make it work better with the PR Rating saves and updating the GHBot linking system.

But I also added:
Date change (So you can test your scoring).
A different colour for the scores column (so they are easier to see).
Win and Place columns (To see how your scoring system performs).

This is a great tool if you want to create your own score system.

Find out more about the “Lifer” bonuses here:

[PR Ratings Tip: Make sure that you test your systems across different race types. AW, Flat, Chase, Hurdle and even NHF. It very rare to create a system that works across all of them].

Last night I started a big overhaul on PR Ratings (to be launched later this week).

I have been updating the filter screen so that it uses the room better and it highlights the ones you are using.

So I now have more room for new features.

I am at the moment choosing which new ones to add this week…

…But there will be a few.

Watch out for more news later this week.

Until next time…
What happened to the 16:20 Leicester?

Some mornings you wake up and ask the question…Why?

This morning one of our main feeds is missing one race the 16.20 Leicester.

It would be nice to think you just get them to send over the details and just slot it in.

Unfortunately it is never that simple and it has just made my morning a lot more fun : - (

Anyway it happens when you have so much data coming into the system…

…And when you run a lot of scripts to create the kind of information that is available in the tools we create for you.

In fact, nearly every-day I come up with a new way to query the data.

It’s finding those different angles and combining them with normal form information that gives PR Ratings owners an edge over the rest of the market.

Add to that the speed and you start to realise why it is rapidly becoming the tool to use when researching system building.

Click Here to read more,

[PR Ratings Tip: If you want to find a source of runners to back/place look at the top 3 ranked runners at 6am prices that are weight ranked 1 to 3 and OR ranked 1 to 3 and don’t drift out by the time of the off.]

So today I finally launch the October version of the “System Builder Monthly”.

Sorry it’s a little late but I had to rewrite a whole section in the end because I wasn’t happy about it.

In this month’s edition it has…
A stats section on class movers and winners.
“Start with the favourite” and why
Ladder stakes
Scoring systems
System of the month 
Trainers from a year ago.

You can subscribe here:

But it is also free to all GHBot members and will be available later today.

Anyway I am off to see if that race has come through yet : - )

Did you know...

I spent most of the day in the garden yesterday…

I have a collie who’s favourite past time is destroying things made of wood. 

She can work her way through a fence panel pretty quickly when you’re not watching.

We have a patchwork fence panel until I get around to replacing it again.

I suppose GHBot is a little bit like my fence panel…A patchwork of tools.

First you have the GHBot in a couple of versions.

Then you have PR Ratings, TJ Profit Finder, Jockey and Trainer tools, Race Card Radar, Betfair timer, multi linking tool and some other bits and pieces…

…And if your lifer you have SPB System Builder, the Scoring Power tool and some extra videos and bonuses.

I suppose it is a lot to think about but when you first join but I would rather give you too much than too little…

You can see the details of the tools here:

[TIP PR Ratings. The Jockey and trainer stats give you runs, wins and strike rate based on the type of race and the course. Clicking on any name will give you a breakdown of those results.]

I often get people emailing me saying they are confused by all the tools and information I offer.

Let’s have a go at breaking it down.

You just want tips (tparoos as I call them).

There are a number of free systems in the GHBot
members area you can follow and automated like:

10 Aw trainers.

If you want tiparoos but don’t want all the other tools that come with GHBot then you can get them from Racing Selections.

Click here to find out more:

(It includes all the GHBot systems)

If you have the system builder bug then I would have thought GHBot was exactly what you want…

…But if it is too much for you then…

You can get PR Ratings on its own here.

(I do give you some hints on creating systems and you can get my lay a day favourite details, but really PR Ratings is to help you to quickly and easily build systems)

TJ Profit finder on it’s own here:

(Some people “get it” and renew membership every year. It’s a tool for researching Jockey and Trainers and Jockey and trainer pairs.)

I hope that has helped if you were a little unsure : - )

Oh and if you want to learn how to create your own systems…

…The come to my seminar later in the month.

Click here for details.

New never seen before software

I have always been an “Ideas” sort of person.

Not hard to tell when you see the amount of software titles and systems I come up with.

Yesterday I was writing one of the new features for the October “System Builder Monthly” when I had this idea.
I had been writing about the new “Weird Bunch of Back bets” system that we have been open testing and discussing how we could cut down on the selections...

…When I had this idea for making it easier to analyse systems.

Sometimes I just write these ideas down and come back to them later.

But this time I just had to get my programming head on and run some tests.

After a few hours I had created something that I think is going to take system development to a new level.

There is still a lot of work to do. But now I have the main frame work in place…

…it is only a matter of time before I can show it off.

But I am going to wait until the October Seminar and roll it out there first.

I wanted another bonus for the people who are coming along.  I can’t think of anything better than a free trial of this new software.

I have only programmed one part so far and it has already helped me find a new angle on the “Weird Bunch of Back Bets”.

To be honest this is going to be such a game changer…

…I am not even sure how many I should release.

But I am going to let the people who come to the seminar trial it first.

Here is the link to the seminar details.

Seats are selling quickly.

So if you want to learn more about system development and get your hands on some brand new never seen before system development software, you better act quickly.

>> Click Here to find out more here.

New Seminar

About a month ago I held a PR Ratings seminar here in sunny Swindon (It was very sunny that day :- ) )

I really enjoyed the day and I had some great comments after…


Cracking seminar Malcolm! Took away some very useful ideas from you and the whole group. Got back the hotel and nicked +2pts on the dutching, including a 16/1 winner in there somewhere. Lots of ideas for laying too.

So I decided to put on another.

This time we are going to delve into system

This isn’t really for you if you are just looking for tiparoos…

…But if you want to share a day with like-minded people and with someone who has been creating systems for 14 years…

…Then this is most definitely for you.

As you know I love creating systems…

Ones like:


And I want to spend a day showing you exactly how I do it.

Whether you’re brand new to creating your own systems…

…Or you want to find out the exact methods I use for creating systems then this is for you.

It will include things like…

The way to come up with system ideas quickly(You will be surprised how easy it is.)

How to know when to use filters (And more importantly which ones to use.)

How to use tools like PR Ratings, TJ Profit Finder and others to speed up your research.

The different research methods you have to use with back, place, lay and dutch systems. 

Quick tests you can use to determine long term profitability.

Combining system ideas.

Nano systems creation.

Creating scoring systems.

That’s the stuff I know I will include but there will be much more by the time of the event.

I will also be bringing several successful systems that we can break down and see how they were created.

If you have ever attended any of my seminars before you will know I like to keep them small so that they feel much more personal.

And this seminar will be no different.

A maximum of 12 places.

“Malcolm, it was fantastic!! Thanks so much to you and Mark for a really enjoyable and enlightening day. For those that missed out, make sure you don't miss the next one!”

>> Click Here to find out more here.

Went past the 500…

I had a great weekend with my parents and got to spend some time with my little sister and her kids (well grown up kids) as well.

Another thing that happened over the weekend was the PR Ratings Facebook group past the 500 member’s milestone.

I love the group because they are always giving me ideas to improve the PR Ratings (and other software) and people share their successes.

If you want to get involved then here is the link.

Today “Lifers” get the latest version of PR Ratings which will include the new “wildcard” search and I may do another update before the general release later in the week.

I will also upload Friday’s webinar sometime today…

 “Fantastic again..Many Thanks....”

Was one of the comments I got from someone who attended.

You really should try and be on these I may decide not to give away the replays…

…Especially when I am showing ways you can select consistent winners.

As you may have heard we also had a good weekend with the “Weird bunch of back bets” tiparoos.

You can get the tiparoos and the results here

Pretty amazing open test so far don't miss it I am considering ending it early!



It’s Friday…

I am gonna get soaking wet this weekend…

No I am not windsurfing or swimming or going to a water theme park.

Nope tomorrow I get the Jet Wash out and clean the windows, drive and cars.

And that normally means me getting soaked through to the skin.

I could put my old dry-suit on from my sailing and windsurfing days but I would probably get some weird looks :- )

Yesterday we had a little bit of dilemma in the Facebook group regarding the daily-lay-selection.

The race my selection was in ended up having 4 non-runners and one of them (one I thought was a challenger) had a reduction factor of 16.7%...

…So there was a discussion about if this now made the race too risky, especially as it went from a 11 runner to 7 runner race.

Now here is the thing.

I don’t take into account non-runners and although I was a little concerned I take the view that because I haven’t taken them into account in my research then why do it now.

Don’t get me wrong if it had gone from a 7 runner race to a 3 runner then I would have probably been more concerned.

Anyhow it still lost the raced and we had another lay-win.

Yesterday we had another selection we could have chosen because it had the same score as my selection…

…But mine was chosen because it had a worse LTO figure and a worse OR Rank.

Unfortunately someone took this runner on instead of my choice and yeah you can guess…

…It won the race.

Going back to the research:

All my research has been about picking one selection a day. If the race has non-runners in it or it becomes a non-runner it’s self…

...I haven’t chosen another.

And I wonder if that is the lesson…

…Find a way of picking your daily-selection and stick with it.

My daily lay-bets are part of the Racing Selections service.

…Click Here to find out more:

5 runner races that lose…

I haven’t got a clue what the weather is like this morning I haven’t even drawn the curtains.

When I used to smoke 30 odd years ago the first thing I would do when I woke up was grab a cigarette…

…Now I grab my laptop!

When you talk to people about lay-betting and how to pick a selection it won’t be long before the number of runners in the race will come up.

It stands to reason that the more runners in the race the better the chance of your selection losing has to be…doesn’t it?

Although I would agree, my own experience doesn’t support the argument.

Take yesterday.

My main selection was:

20:30 Perth Son Of My Heart

This was a 5 runner race so you would think it would be a good idea to stay away from it.

But I think it is not the number of runners but the quality of runners around your selection that count.

I thought that “Nefyn Bay” (2nd ranked) had a good chance of beating the favourite and he did :- )

Selecting favourites always comes with risk but I am not sure the number of runners in a race is as important as you may think.

What you are really looking for are other runners in the race that could beat the favourite.

Although I probably don’t take as much notice of non-runners as I probably should…

…Like If Nefyn Bay had been a NR then that would have been a totally different race.

Son Of My Heart was the highest scorer from my lay-favourite system which is available as part of Racing Selections.

…Click Here to find out more:

A hero’s journey…

I have to admit that the “Lord of the Rings” movies may not be my most favourite of all time but they are near the top somewhere…

…Especially the extended editions that seem to go on for hours and are perfect for a movie fest :- )

Like many movies they are built around the “Hero’s Journey” which is where a reluctant, unlikely character goes from a normal person or in this case a hobbit (Frodo Baggins) to a hero after a lot of trials along the way.

Luke Skywalker from Star Wars is another example of the theme.

And I am sure you can think of plenty of more.

Now I don’t see myself as a hero in any sense of the word but I have been on a bit of a journey as far as lay-bets are concerned.

I started off as kind of reluctant to get involved with them…

…But gradually I have put together a number of systems that are helping people.

The real “hero” of course is the PR Ratings which is the software I have been using to find all the different systems I have come up with.

That’s why in the Facebook group I have been getting comments like:

“Hi Malcolm. You are my first Post on Facebook ... I am driven to Post to say what a brilliant piece of software GBH and PR Ratings are.”

“This is brilliant PR Ratings continues to amaze me”
And don’t forget new features appear nearly every week.

I put up a new video last week showing the latest ones:

Click here to have a look.

The fear of losing…

I am a bit competitive…

My friends would say I am “ultra” competitive when it comes to some things.

Agility for one.

I just like to win…But what I am not…is a bad loser (Well most of the time : - ) )

Losing is just part of life.

You can’t be the best at everything and you can’t win everything all the time.

Betting is like that…We like to win but we generally have to lose a lot as well.

That’s why when I find something like the new “Dutching” system using the PR Ratings I like to tell you about it.

I want to give you chance to win otherwise I wouldn’t spend all this time creating tools like the PR Ratings.

I have already shot a couple of videos about how to select the runners and this morning I added a couple of screen shot from the GHBot.

We have been testing some code updates so it seemed a good idea to use the dutch selections to try them with.

Because of that we are resetting the bot everyday while we make updates.

As you will see…

Yesterday we had 9 out of 10 wins!

You can see the screenshots and all the PR ratings info here.

The PR ratings are a GHBot bonus but I added a “Stand alone” option as well.

Oh yeah and I added some new updates this morning.

Better Than A.P.McCoy?...

Here is a way you can find out…

I was looking at some stats on different Jockeys over the weekend and I noticed that AP McCoy (Now retired) had a career average of around 27% (He finished off his last season at around 33%)

It’s interesting though…

…Because he was expected to win, it was difficult to make any money from him.

There is no doubt he had some spectacular rides through his career and had a knack of pulling off wins in the big races.

But there are other Jockeys who although not as famous as McCoy are worth following.

The trick is to find out where they perform best.
Even McCoy seemed to win more often on hurdle races than chase.

Here is another example…

R.L Moore (Yeah OK very well known)

Overall strike rate is around 22%.

On AW this rises to 29.11% and this month is up over 8 points.

And that’s just one Jockey out of 100’s.

With the Jockey tools we give away with the GHBot you can do this research in minutes.

Instead of the hours it can take if you manually try to put the data together.

All our tools come with our “Amazing” results sheets (Yeah well I think they are amazing : - ) )

Check out the bonuses here.

And talking about bonuses…

There will be updates coming to both the PR Ratings and the Betfair timer tool this week.

Watch out for those.
Winners Coming Your Way This Week…

Could be far more than you can imagine : - )

After a pretty miserable day weather wise yesterday, this morning I am sitting in the sun room taking in the rays.

“Nothing but blue skies…” Yeah you don’t want to get me singing!

Programming… Now that’s another thing entirely.

And yesterday I did some updates to the PR ratings which I hope will help you find even more winners.

One of the updates was a “Price Range” filter.

But I thought I would make it a little different…

The PR ratings have 5 price ranges:

6 am, 11 am, BSP, SP (new) and BSP Place.

It seemed only right to allow you to filter the races on all 5 (so you can : - ) ).

I also slotted in the “MR Ratings” filter.

This should help you find even more winners with the PR ratings.

You can check out all the info here.

"Nether saw the sun shining so bright..." (I bet you can't get that out of your head all day now!)

How to get 30 points a month part 4

30 points is easy?

I got an email from a reader yesterday…

Malcolm its ok you keep giving us these ideas to make 30 points a month but none of them are really easy


• Following a system where I give you the daily selections every day and you can add them to the GHBot is pretty easy.

Here is the link to that one.

• A “dutching” system which I pretty much found for you and again could be added automatically to the GHBot…seems easy to me.

• Ok I gave you a bit of work to do with finding trainers to follow. But I will put a video up shortly to show you how “Easy” that is.

• Here is another system that has the potential to give you another 7+ points a month and it’s free at the moment.

Check it out here.

I am sorry but I can’t make it any easier than that.

Life just happens to demand that you put a bit of effort in if you want to get the rewards.

It’s just one of those rules of nature…

Effort in = Profit out.

It’s like if you want to pick the Grand National winner you still have to do a little research.

But Rick Murray has made it as “easy” as he can with his free PDF.

Get your copy here.

I spend a lot of my time coming up with tools that make it easier for you.

• GHBot (Automates betting)

• PR Ratings (Helps you find a system)

• TJ Profit Finder (Jockey and Trainer research tool)

• Race Card radar (Allows you to create auto links to get your selections)

• SPB System Builder online (Create your own systems)

And although I could charge separately for each of those tools…I don’t.

They are all part of the GHBot service.

If that’s not easy enough I sure don’t know what “easy” means!

Watch out for my next email…Another way to make a few more points a month (easily!).

Until next time…

How to get 30 points a month part 3

Hey I mentioned yesterday that I had come up with a new dutching idea…

Want to see it?

Here is the link…

I haven’t even tried and I come up with that idea.

I wonder what else there could be lurking in those ratings : - )

But here is another way you can scrape a few more points…

Just before that…

Did you forget to pick up your Aintree bonus?

Come on get some “street cred” before the big race.

Go get it here now…

Ok did you get it…Good.

Right where was I?

Oh yeah…Trainers.

Yep good old horse racing trainers.

Here is the trick…

Stay away from the most consistent or popular ones.
There won’t be any money in them because everyone thinks they will win.

But there are plenty of trainers out there that have these odd wins now and then that fall through the cracks.

Do a little research on where they seem to excel and you could soon come up with another 5 to 10 points a month.

Ah there is that key word…”Research”

What a pain in the a*se that is.

But not for GHBot members…

Oh no we have 2 separate tools for doing research on Trainers making it easy to find some worth following.

And it can take you less than a few minutes to come up with a potential list of candidates…

Don’t believe me?

Ok I will put you another video together in the next few days to show you.

So that’s 3 ways to make you about 18 to 20 points a month so far.

Want another way?

Ok wait for my next email and one will be revealed.
A bit of human psychology is involved in the next idea..Huh?

In the meantime check out all the GHBot bonuses here.


How to get 30 points a month part 2

My wife is always saying I “Natter” a lot.

I must admit I do like a good chat especially when it’s about a subject I like.

Which to be honest is quite varied!

That’s why I like writing these emails because they give me chance to have a good “natter” with you about a subject we are both interested in.

But just before today’s chat about 30 points a month here is a quick reminder about the Grand National.

Don’t forget to pick up your free PDF giving you plenty of stats and information to help you pick a winner.

Here is the link.

Ok so yesterday we talked about one way of getting 6 to 8 points a month was using one of the Free systems we give away with the GHBot.

Another way is to come up with your own system…

Ok not easy but I have something that can help.

It’s called “PR Ratings” and it is another bonus that we give away to GHBot members.

The great news is that we have just added version 2.

And very shortly I am going to add a video which will show you an interesting “Dutching” system that could easily add another 6 to 10 points to your bank a month.

But that’s just one idea.

The PR ratings can point you in the direction of possible winners in the place and back (even lay) market.

You can see a demonstration of the original version here.

Another way to get to that 30 points tomorrow.
How to win at Agility and Betting?
30 points part 1

I am on a bit of a high today after a winning 1st place in an agility steeple chase (Jumps and tunnels) competition with one of my dogs.

When you train for nearly a year to get ready for competing it is great when it works out like yesterday.

It takes a lot of patience and perseverance but with hard work and focus it pays off in the end.

It’s like trying to get to 30 points a month.

At first you think it is going to be easy.

All you need is to find a tipster who is going to give you enough winners to make a nice profit every month.

After a while (and probably a lot of money) you realise that it isn’t as easy as it seems.

So what’s the answer?

Why can’t you just find an easy way to make 30 points a month?

That’s what I am going to try to answer for you over the next few emails.

But I want to start with one suggestion and that is breaking the 30 points down to smaller chunks.
What do I mean?

Lower your expectations of any service, system or technique you use.

Don’t expect 30 points from one place.

Look for places where you can scrape 5,6 or maybe 9 points a month and go from there.

So you could start with “Trainers based on strike rate” which has an average of 6.67 points a month.

Since I introduced it last September it has only had one losing month.

It has also had a 52 points month and also made over 18 points in March.

And already started April 6.76 points up.

You can see the details here.

If you only wanted 6 points from this system you could have already stopped using it!

I will explain more about what I mean next time….


P.S. Don't forget to pick up your FREE Aintree PDF from Rick Murray.

This will give you a good chance of finding the winner...

Here is the link.

Aintree Street Cred?....

A few weeks ago I set a page up for the Cheltenham festival which went down really well with readers.

With a holiday looming and very little time...

...I doubt if I am going to get chance to do one for next week’s Aintree Grand National.

But luckily Rick Murray has it covered with his “FREE Grand National Treasure”.

You can get your copy here:

His GNT (sounds nice) PDF contains a lot of facts about the last 13 winners and the things you should look out for when trying to pick a winner.

I know the Grand National is not for another week…

…But it’s still worth owning a copy especially if you want a lot of “street cred” when everyone is talking about it next week in the office.

You’re be able to amaze them with all the facts you know about the winners!

So go and get your copy while you still can here.


P.S. word is he will be taking it down before shortly so you better hurry!

Here is that all important link again…

A crazy staking plan…Part 6

Did you spot the difference?.....

Yesterday I gave you a screen shot of the GHBot using liability staking with the SAW selections.

But it was slightly different staking to what we have been discussing. 

The GHBot can run just about any staking plan you want with its spread sheet option but it also has a few built in.

The one I showed you yesterday was “Liability” recovery staking but with a difference.

Instead of stacking up all your losses and trying to recover them…

…In this case it just increases your target profit by your original.

Here is how that works…

Original stake 2.00
We lose next stake 4.00
We lose next stake 6.00
We lose next stake 8.00

It still divides our new stake by the odds but this way we are controlling our stake.

The downside to this idea is that we won’t always recover what we lost especially when the odds are lower than 1/1 (Evens).

But it may not send you quite so “grey” so quickly either!
I have updated the screen shot to bring you more up-to-date.

Have a look here


P.s. “A lot of trainers to place” will come off open test at the end of March.
A crazy staking plan…Part 5

As I have already mentioned if you are going to use any kind of staking especially recovery you better make dam sure you understand the risk.

The next thing you need is a system that has been proven for month after month to give a consistent strike rate.

I have been showing you Stan’s 3 a day selections over at “Stop at a winner”.

Now I am the first to admit that the service as a whole has not done very well.

But the membership is still strong because Stan is reliable and has grown a niched membership based around the recovering staking idea I have been showing you.

One other way of using his selections is to actually “Stop at a winner” when using recovery staking.

Here is how that looks

It often means you can be in and out of the market with one selection.

If you really understand the risk then you can try Stan’s service for just £4.99.

Just be careful and use a very small % of your bank.

Here is how it can look using small stakes in the GHBot.

This is set to a target profit of 50p (for testing).

We have had one stake as high as 7.69 which shows you how quickly it can build up.

But when you do get a run of winners it can build up quite quickly.

Here is the link to Stan’s site again.

A crazy staking plan…Part 4 

Carrying on the crazy staking theme…

Target profit staking is a system you could use if you wanted to try and reduce your risk while trying to hit your target.

Here is how it works…

Let’s say we want to win £10 and the price of your selection is 2/1.

10 / 2 = £5

So we stake £5 so that if we win at 2/1 we get £10 back (Yeah I know you knew that).

If we lose we have only lost £5 not £10.

But let’s say we do lose.

We still want to win £10 but we also want to get the £5 back we have already lost.

And let’s say again that the price of the bet was 2/1.
£15 / 2 = £7.50

This time we have to stake £7.50 to get back the original loss of £15

If we lose again and find a horse at the same odds the calculation is…

(£5 + £7.50 + £10 ) 22.50 / 2 = £11.25

Now don’t get me wrong this may seem quite straight forwarded and even a good idea but it can still wipe out a bank in 8 or 9 losses if your stakes are too high compared to your bank.

It’s even worse when the odds are lower or below evens.

To give you an idea of how much it could cost you I have put together a results page allowing you to change the stake and bank.

The results are from the system I have been talking about over the last week.

Here is the link.

Make sure you check out the losing runs and how big your stakes can become.

More on this next time.

A crazy staking plan…Part 3 and 30 points mini system 

I wanted to check you had been keeping an eye on the “Mini System” that are on trial at the moment.

After a bit of a bad start (-5 points) in February, March has seen a total turn to form.

Another winner yesterday took profit up to 30.89 points for March.

You can check out the results and see the selections here.

Following on from yesterday...

Over the last couple of days we have been talking about staking systems.

Before I go into the next part I have to give some warnings.

The first is that using recovery staking is dangerous and you can lose a lot of your bank very quickly.

It is imperative that you understand what you are doing and what it will cost you should things go wrong.

Stop loss is a must. If you don’t have some kind of maximum stop loss in place then sooner or later you are going to get into trouble.

Small stakes compared to your bank size are a must.

And really understanding the “worst case scenario” is just plain common sense.

In the case of the selections I am going to talk about the average strike rate is around 51% but looking at it month by month this often runs around the 45% mark.

The strike rate calculator tells us that we could expect a losing run of 14 selections in a row.

Which would be a bit of a disaster 

We would hope that a tipster supplying selections would be able to give us a chance of beating those statistics but we must keep them in mind.

At the moment the longest losing run these selections have had is 7 over the last 18 months so we could use that as a guide.

But we still want to be cautious.

More on this next time.
A Crazy Staking Plan…Part Deux (23/03/2016)

Following on from yesterday…

“A staking system will not make an unprofitable system profitable”

This is an interesting statement and although I agree with it…

…It’s not exactly true.

But what is…Is that to make an “unprofitable” system profitable will need a big bank and small stakes.

Let me show you an example.

This is a 3 day system at standard 1 point staking.

As you can see it is not exactly profitable at the moment although since it launched it has been.

Now look at it again here.

See what I mean.

Now of course it is not as simple as it seems and there are some really difficult times to get to that profit.

And in fact I would probably half the profit shown to be more sensible.

Anyway for now just have a look and in the next email I will go into more detail.


 A Crazy Staking Plan…(22/03/2016)

Have you ever used a staking plan to try and increase profit?

If so you have probably also discovered how quickly they can get out of hand and start costing you money.

There are generally two types of staking plans.

Recovery and Growth (you can combine them).

Recovery is where you take all or a portion of your losses and attempt to win them back on your next bet.

The one that normally hurts the most is when you put all your losses on the next horse and lose again…ouch!

Growth is where after a win or after your bank has increased you increase your stake.

One used by a lot of people is to tie your stake directly into the value of your bank.

So you could take your current bank and use 1% as your stake. 

If you’re bank increases then your stake increases and if your bank drops your stake drops.

Over the next few emails I am going to show you a staking plan I have been using with a system that has 3 selections a day,

It’s based around what I call “liability recovery staking”.
This is where you have a set profit target and divide the available odds by that target.

But I want to be clear…

It can get quite hairy very quickly if you aren’t careful, especially when your selections have low odds…

…Because you can be staking far more than you are going to win back.

An example…

I want to get back £10.00 if I win.
The odds are 1.5 or Betfair.
Drop the 1 and then divide 10/0.5 = £20 stake.

Yep you’re staking double the return you want.



Until next time...

Until then don’t forget to check out Racing Selection where you find plenty of systems.

Here are the details.


30 points mini systems... (21/03/2016)

Cheltenham was good fun last week and I am going to put both of the systems (favourites and non favourites) into racing selections before the next race. 
Back to normal racing this week…

In February I gave you the “Mini System” combined system.

And to be quite honest I was a little unhappy with it losing 5.46 points by the end of the month.

So I am really happy to report that this month it has picked up and showing an amazing 30.53 points (at the end of 20/03/2016) profit.
Strike Rate and average winning odds are both above average this month which is helping with profit.

Don’t forget you can get all the free selections and the ones that are no longer free as part of the racing selections membership.

That will include selections from the Cheltenham systems.
Cheltenham Day 4…Last Day :-(

Last day of Cheltenham how has your week been?

Just one win from 2 favourites yesterday.

We have no favourites so far today so far…

…But that could change during the day.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the daily Cheltenham selections and I really hope you have had some success of your own.

Back to normal systems next week.

Here is the link to the results and todays selections.

Have fun and enjoy Cheltenham today.

Cheltenham Day 3…Who Mentioned Favourites?

Maybe I shouldn’t have… : - )

We only had 2 favourite selections yesterday and both came 2nd at Cheltenham.

But again several of the selections the system selected as candidates did win.

Of course I can’t boast because they were not actually favourites but still they were mentioned.

Anyway day 3 selections are ready.

Here is the link to the results and todays selections.

Have fun and enjoy Cheltenham today.


Cheltenham Day 2...2 Winners Yesterday...

So the new Cheltenham favourite system had two from two yesterday.

We actually had a 3rd winner but it was 2nd favourite so not a selection.

Ok we didn't make a fortune but we had winners.

(more about that soon)

We have a few possible selections today.

Here is the link to the results and todays selections.

Have fun and enjoy Cheltenham today.

Cheltenham Day 1...A Favourites System

Yeah I know another Cheltenham email...

But it is a big deal in the racing world and it only seems right to mention it.

The Cheltenham festival kicks off today and although from a system development point of view I dread these meetings, I still love the festivity of the meeting.

Yesterday I put together a post about Cheltenham and some stats based around chase and hurdle results.

Although most people concentrate on the results from prior festivals I used stats from all races over  the last 3 years.

I came up with a couple of systems you can follow along with as well.

The main one is based on favourites.

Here is the link.

Have fun with the stats.

Weekly Round Up...Beats Painting!
I am sitting here trying to get myself motivated to some painting when...

I thought I would do a weekly roundup of some of “Weekly systems” results.

This week’s new system (7th this year) had had 3 winners.

Here is the link to the daily selections and results.

Like “A lot of trainers to place”.
It’s had 8 winners in a row then one loser and then another winner.

Check it out here:

There is “System 54” revamped
Made over 27 points in February and up 7 points in March.

Check it out here:

Trainers Base on strike rate to place
Up 9.2 points this month

Check it out here:

I think that’s enough for now…

Don’t forget you can find them all in one place here:

Ok...I am off to do some painting now.

I hope you have a good a weekend

Pole Dancing And Two Little Winners…

I was at my local Hackspace last night. 

(Where we build 3D printers, laser cutters and other weird stuff.)

One of the guys had come across my website and was asking about racing and winning.

Quite strange really because normally we talk about the latest tech and the latest gadgets we are working on.

(Oh someone else did mention there was a new pole dancing school around the corner : - ) )

Although I love talking about racing and systems my mind was on (no not pole dancing) some new flexible 3D filament one of the other guys was testing.

Anyway my quick answer was…

“Why not get on my email list where we are talking about the best way to get to 30 points a month.”

I even mentioned the free systems and how yesterday’s new one picked up another 2 winners.

You can check it out here.

I also told him about a couple of the new systems I was working on (which I will tell you about soon).

But I didn’t tell him about “A lot of trainers to place” which has just had 6 winners in a row.

You can check it out here:

More on pole dancing…I mean the 30 points thing shortly.

New Weekly horse racing system System…

If you read my email… “5 points and a weekend in Amsterdam...”  

Then you will know that although 5 points doesn’t seem a lot it can actually buy some nice “stuff” with the right sized stakes.

But you don’t want to earn just 5 points do you?

From my research the average points most people want to earn per month is around 30.

Well I am going to show you how to get to that figure…

But first let’s talk about this week’s new free system.
“Around one a day”

This system is using some new data we started receiving back late last year.

Because it is so new I am not sure how it will work long term.

Anyway I thought “There is only one way to find out”.

So here it is.

No big points here.

But 8 points a month could be handy.

Watch out for my next email on how to get to 30 points.
5 Points And A Weekend In Amsterdam...

5 points may not seem a lot but actually you can do a plenty with it…

Let’s just say you staked around £10 a point.

That’s £50 and that would pay for membership to get the selections and give you change for a few pints or a nice present for the wife (or significant other).

If your stake was £25 a point then that’s £125.

That could pay for a good night out and some extra gear for your favourite hobby.

Staking £50 a point would give £250 which is serious money and could get you a Sky Dive which would really get the a
drenalin pumping (

Staking £100 is £500 and that’s a weekend for two in Paris or Amsterdam (

Just from 5 little points a month.

Click here to see where you can get those 5 points a month from.